Bicentennial Year Kicks Off With Chipping Of The Greens

The Town of Lebanon held a Chipping of the Greens event on Saturday, Jan. 5 which also served as the first official activity of the town’s Bicentennial year.

After a wonderful Christmas tree display hosted by the town on the Lebanon Middle School lawn last month, the trees were in need of being recycled as the season came to a close. Town representatives gathered on Saturday morning and chipped these trees. The public was invited to bring their tree for recycling as well as they enjoyed fellowship and a wonderful cup of hot chocolate.

 Lebanon Town Mayor Tony Dodi was excited to be at the first official event of a long list of free activities during the 2019 Bicentennial year. Dodi expressed that this year’s Christmas event “An Old-Fashioned Christmas” on the lawn and the Christmas display would only grow as a larger audience will be reached now through the recent launch of the town’s Facebook page.

The town’s vice-mayor DeAnna Jackson was also looking forward to the most definite expansion of the Christmas Tree display for the 2019 holiday season as the trees were cleared from the lawn. It was a great day for thinking ahead to the next event which will be part of the Bicentennial year’s festivities.

Those that came to the event on Saturday were able to pick up a brochure regarding this year’s events and talk with town representatives. Many also commented on how special it was to have an event to dispose of the trees that brought so much cheer to the community during the Christmas season.

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