Cumberland Plateau Fiber Optic Backbone Lighting Event – Lebanon, Virginia

I am pleased to return to the Town of Lebanon this morning to participate in a truly worthy celebration. Today, we celebrate the lighting of the Cumberland Plateau fiber optic backbone, a project which will enable the provision of broadband services, including affordable high-speed Internet access, to businesses and households in Russell and Tazewell Counties.

Approximately ten years ago, I encouraged local governments throughout the Ninth District to find a means of deploying broadband networks so that affordable high-speed Internet access would be available to businesses and residents throughout our region. My goal in making this recommendation was to set our region apart in comparison to other rural areas of the nation, to make us more attractive than the typical rural region to industries looking to expand their operations into new locations, and to create technology-based jobs for Southwest Virginians.

Today, I am pleased to note that many of the communities in our region are making great strides in the deployment of broadband networks, and the success which we celebrate today in Russell and Tazewell Counties is a shining example of the outstanding work that is being done in many of our localities.

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Written By Congressman Boucher

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