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Alzheimer's Awareness
Alzheimer’s Awareness Tree



Alzheimer’s disease: Testimonial by Pam Dison Dotson


One of the cruelest diseases there is. Cruel is having the appearance of good health only to be losing the memories of your loved ones with each passing day. This disease progresses differently for each person. Whether it is slowly progressing through the years or quickly all at once, the outcome is relatively similar.


My father, Gerald Dison, left this earth on January 6, 1998 at the young age of 66. Though it was the day of his passing, I had lost my father early on. He began showing symptoms of the disease at only 57. He was an active man who worked on the railroad. He was well-respected and loved by many, but Alzheimer’s doesn’t discriminate. I was the only daughter and I know he loved me dearly. To watch him slowly forget who I was broke my heart. It was a nightmare watching him slowly become less of himself. For him to not recognize his bride of 49 years, broke my mother’s heart, too.


The disease has no cure. My advice for those who have fallen victim of Alzheimer’s, enjoy those brief moments when your loved one is present and knows you! Cherish those few second of love and hold on to them tight.- Pam Dison Dotson.

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