Lebanon’s Downtown Receives Mural Thanks To Local Students

A colorful new addition has been made possible in downtown Lebanon thanks to the talents of Lebanon High School art students and their teacher Morgan Gilbert.

On Monday, April 8 art students joined Lebanon Mayor Tony Dodi, Council members, Town Manager and other members of the community for an official ceremony that recognized the mural they created.

The mural is found on the wall of the current Get Fancy business just off of Main Street. Teacher Morgan Gilbert explained that the students designed the mural digitally in class and built it on the computer. It was then printed and heated to the wall.

Students in the art class ranged from eighth through twelfth grade. The mayor and council all thanked them for such wonderful artwork and for how the mural truly captured their vision. Mayor Dodi commented that although it is a modern version of art it captured the historical part they wanted to see. Dodi further expressed that it was exactly what they wanted for the downtown area that is currently being revived.

All council members and the town manager were excited to express their remarks as well. Doyle Fields noted that it was truly a wonderful project. DeAnna Jackson stated how beautiful it was and how this would be enjoyed throughout town. Mary Stanley remarked how well it brought history and art together and thanked the class for such a fine design. Kevin Ferguson said this mural had been talked about with such excitement since it went up recently and said they were very talented students. Hassel Kegley also expressed how he had heard so many comments about the mural. Town manager Mark Mitchell stated that the mural had been raved about throughout town. Mitchell also expressed that the students are the future of the town and he wanted them to continue to make a positive impact.

There was also much discussion about other business owners who expressed interest for a mural on their business. Gilbert and the students noted they were up for the task and would be thrilled to assist with more projects.

Gilbert thanked the town for making this possible and allowing the students this opportunity. She was also thankful for the assistance provided by the Russell County Public Library with pictures.

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