Lebanon Farmers Market

The Lebanon Farmers Market will re-open on May 4, 2018.  The Market will continue to accept EBT cards.


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  1. […] We sat in George’s truck overlooking the valley and mountains beyond. The mist clung to the trees, low and ominous, making it impossible not to feel fully present in the moment. He talked about how as a child he had created mental pictures of radio personalities in his mind, and when he finally saw photographs of them, it all changed. I think we do the same thing with people we don’t know very well. We think we know them because we see them weekly, daily even. But there’s a real adventure waiting underneath the pleasantries and facade. Getting to know George Kiser, of Kiser Farms, on this grey fall day, I found a charmingly silly and passionate soul. He and his wife, Deborah, own a farm in Lebanon, Virginia. Deborah, a teacher at Lebanon High School, was teaching during my visit, but you can find her handiwork in the delicious goods sold each week. Pumpkins, apple chips, jams and jellies, starter and bedding plants…you’ll find them all at the Abingdon Farmer’s Market & Lebanon Farmer’s Market. […]

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