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Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Survivors from L to R – DeAnna Jackson, Sharon Sipperly, and Betty Kegley

Breast Cancer:  Testimonials by DeAnna Jackson, Sharon Sipperley and Betty Kegley

DeAnna’s story: I was diagnosed with 3rd stage aggressive breast cancer June 30, 1994. I had a mastectomy July 5, 1994. At the time of my illness I worked three days a week. During my six month of chemo treatments I was able to continue working. I had 35 radiation treatments. The treatments were five days a week. On snowy slick days my husband would drive me to my treatments. Other days I would drive myself, my dad coming along to keep me company, and then I was back at work by 9:00.

One snowy day I got back to work, looked down at my ring finger and the diamond was gone out of my engagement ring. I looked everywhere and did not find it. I called back to the hospital where I had my radiation to have them look. They even took a dust pan and broom out to the parking lot, sifted through the snow looking for my diamond, but still did not find it. I think I know where my diamond is. At that time I had a sweet little poodle, Jean Luc, that liked to chew on my hands. Think he ate it, and now probably is in my yard.

With a positive attitude, help from my family and most of all faith in God, I am now 25 years cancer free.

Sharon’s story: Diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer March 2013. On March 20, 2013 I had a partial mastectomy. Was referred for radiation and chemo treatments and decided against both. Six years cancer free!

Betty Kegley’s story: By the grace of God, I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2010. After this devastating diagnosis, I underwent three surgical procedures to remove the cancer. I then had to endure chemotherapy treatments. I am now 9 years cancer free and I thank God for His mercy healing and for allowing me to be a survivor. I am so very thankful for the prayers, love and support of my family and friends. I know that every day is a gift.

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